Trico and Teki

Trico and Teki were found in Szécsény, next to the school building, in last October. Their tiny bodies had been attacked by multiple viruses at the same time, and therefore, in the framework of the strategic co-operation between the Cat World Foundation and Natural Pet Care System, they are receiving the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination to support their healing and recovery.

The few weeks old little ones were hovering between life and death because of the cat flu virus and the various complications. They almost suffocated because of the large volume of respiratory secretions and their eyelids were ‘glued together’ by conjunctivitis. No one knew when they could have eaten and drunk last, as they were ‘bags of bones’ and completely dehydrated.

The kittens were immediately taken to a veterinary clinic where they received an infusion, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and eye drops to alleviate their clinical signs. In addition to the loving care and the veterinary treatment, the volunteers of the Foundation also deployed the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination to improve the kittens’ survival chances further.

Thanks to the careful nursing, the condition of Trico and Teki improved nicely, although one of them suffered permanent eye damage caused by the cat flu virus and thus will require corrective eye surgery.

At the Foundation, all cats are routinely screened for different infectious cat diseases, and this is how it was found out that unfortunately both kitties are FeLV (feline leukaemia) positive. This virus is very common in stray cats, and kittens may become infected already in the uterus. In many cats, FeLV infection results in moderate or severe suppression of the immune system. This means that cats infected by FeLV are less able to defend themselves against a wide range of infections (parasites, bacteria, fungi, other viruses) that would not cause problems under normal conditions, in healthy cats.

In cats with FeLV infection, supporting the immune system is essential, and therefore Trico and Teki are continuously receiving the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination. As can be seen in the pictures, they are growing and gaining weight nicely, are little rascals as befits their age and, what is perhaps the most important, they are free of clinical signs.

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