Runa’s cure

Runa is an adopted dog. Her owner works as a veterinary assistant, but in vain did she do everything possible, Runa’s ears had been a source of continuous and very painful problems for years.
A chronic, recurrent, often purulent inflammation developed in both external ear canals, which damaged the tympanic membrane and even extended into the tympanic cavity. The targeted antibacterial and antifungal treatments performed on the basis of the laboratory test findings (fungal and bacterial culture) did not result in a lasting cure either.

About six months ago a growth of ulcerated surface had to be removed surgically from Runa’s left ear.

It was at that time that her owner decided to treat Runa with the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination as a complementary therapy, as this veterinary food supplement of curative power has proven antitumour effects. As Runa’s chronic otitis had been a problem for several years, Runa was treated with a double dose of the immunoenhancer product.

The tumour has not recurred since the surgery, and in the months that have elapsed since then Runa was and still is well, she is not experiencing the painful signs of otitis, which is a great relief for both the dog and her caring owner.

In order to maintain this favourable condition, Runa is receiving the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination on a continuous basis, every day, rather than in the form of periodic treatment courses.

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