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Antitumour effect

Appetite stimulant, antiemetic

Supports the health of the skin


Faster regeneration

More effective vaccination


Owing to its special composition, Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination is expressly recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases. In addition to its preventive use, it is also recommended for the therapy of acute and chronic disease conditions (naturally as a supplementation of a possible medical therapy).
The mission of Burgimmune is to maintain and continuously support the immune system of our pets.Its active substances effectively protect the immune system also separately, but we have developed a special combination in which the active substancescomplement the effects of one another to provide the strongest possible support to the immune system.
As a strong immune system is fundamentally important for the control and prevention of all diseases, we recommend Burgimmune for all dogs and cats, irrespective of their age and health status.
In young pets, it is essential to create solid foundations for the natural protection system of the body, in which Burgimmune can provide an enormous help. In elderly pets, daily consumption of Burgimmune is recommended as this strengthens the existing immune system and increases its resistance to diseases.
In sick pets and in small animals suffering from neoplastic diseases the administration of Burgimmune is also strongly recommended, as in such cases our pet’s resistance needs to be strengthened, which is ensured by this product.
for dogs and cats
The product contains a specially formulated combination of phytogenic compounds, a medicinal mushroom, beta-glucan and vitamins, which effectively contribute to the preservation of health and the control of diseases through their diverse beneficial effects exerted on the immune system.


Its main task is the activation of macrophages. It has immunostimulant, antitumour and antimicrobial effects as well.


The active substances of this fungus support the formation and activity of the so-called natural ‘killer’ cells which help destroy tumour cells and control infections.


An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that had been used already in ancient Chinese medicine. Its antitumour effect against certain types of neoplasms has been demonstrated. It enhances the functioning of the nonspecific immune system, it has immunostimulant effects, improves brain function and may help in lowering the blood glucose level.


Vitamin B6 has proven appetite-stimulating and antiemetic effects, which may be very important in tumour diseases. Besides improving metabolism, it supports vision and has numerous favourable effects on the health of the skin. In addition, it detoxifies the liver and supports kidney function.


Spirulina is a type of blue-green alga, which can be found in both salt and fresh water. It is probably the food with the highest nutrient density on Earth. It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It can decrease the incidence of tumour diseases and reduce the size of existing tumours.It lowers the blood pressure, reduces the chance of allergies, is effective against anaemia, increases endurance and has strengthening/restorative effects as well.


​Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that exerts beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and facilitates wound healing.
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