Bagett flourishes

When she was taken into the care of the Greyhound Rescue Organisation, Bagett could hardly walk. The magnificent female Greyhound was lying all day, her frail, flabby body bore no resemblance whatsoever to the marvellous, muscular and strong body of Greyhounds invented for running.

Luckily the veterinary examinations performed immediately did not demonstrate any disease. The reason why she got into such a terrible condition was simply neglect and lack of care. Seeing her condition, her caretakers decided that she also needed Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, a product of medicinal effects developed by Natural Pet Care System.

Such thin dogs must not eat a large amount of food once a day; rather it is better to feed them small amounts several times a day, as this burdens their stomach and digestion less, even if they are already mature dogs like Bagett.

Accordingly, for three weeks Bagett has been receiving the immunoenhancer product twice a day, with her morning and evening meal.

Her appetite has improved enormously: initially it was problematic what and how much she was willing to eat, while now she readily accepts everything and eats all what is put in front of her. Her body weight has started to increase spectacularly: she gained 0.3 kg in three weeks’ time.

By now she has become a lively, playful doggie who likes to walk and sometimes even frolic with the other dogs. She no longer spends her days exclusively with lying; rather, she is decidedly active, her mobility has improved a lot, and now she can even scratch her side with her hind legs.

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