When a veterinarian dog owner is also in for a big surprise – The story of Norma

‘I found Norma in late September 2009 at the Normafa, the ‘Norma tree’ in Buda Hills (this is where she got her name from). At that she was in a rather exasperating physical and psychic condition: the left side of her skull must have received a terrible blow or cut, as a result of which the tissues were injured deep down to the gingiva, which was well visible from the enormous scar crossing the puppy’s head. In addition, there were burn traces on her fur, she was horribly thin and thirsty, and was nothing more than four long, bony legs, two wonderful brown eyes, and a whole swarm of fleas.’

From that time, a long fight started for Norma’s health: she had to combat Giardia infection and purulent-haemorrhagic cystitis. Even after the therapy of Giardia infection, the permanently soft faeces and constant scratching of allergic origin remained; this also meant that it was not possible to stroke Norma freely as her skin twitched as soon as we touched her. In addition, from time to time she was gnawing both of her elbow regions until they started to bleed.

Unfortunately the elimination diet suitable for identifying the allergic background was not feasible in Norma’s case, since – as our dog trainer also admitted – Norma’s ‘picking up’ everything from the street could not be prevented: in plain words, she ate everything that she thought to be edible and could swallow fast, before we could intervene.

Because of her permanent dermatitis, I regularly expressed her perianal gland, which visibly improved the situation but did not bring a real solution: Norma’s skin continued to itch, her hairs were falling out and, because of the chronic inflammation, her ‘dog smell’ was also particularly strong.

In the ten years that elapsed until the spring of 2019, we tried everything that could be used for the treatment of allergy, apart from medicines, as I wanted to find the underlying cause instead of suppressing the signs with a steroid. We tried out on Norma all the prescription diets available in Hungary, we gave her all kinds of probiotics and immunostimulants. She never received chicken in any form, unless she somehow picked it up chicken meat in the street.:-)

These improved the situation but did not resolve the problem completely, and thus both Norma and us have learned to live with it.

Norma started to receive the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination in April. Having studied the composition of the product, we expected improvement in two main fields in our already 10-year-old dog of large body size: we wished to improve his appetite and his zest for life.

Administering the powder did not pose a problem for us, as our dog equally willingly ate it either mixed in her canned food or added to the dry food after dissolving it in water.

Norma’s appetite started to improve visibly already after a few days: instead of the three cups of food consumed earlier, now she already ate 4–4.5 cups of food every evening. Her locomotion and zest for life changed 8–10 days after starting to receive the Burgimmune product: to our greatest joy, Norma changed back into a playful dog keen on discovering her surroundings; instead of trudging on the paths she started to stalk in the bushes like a real adventurer, and she could again sprint at an incredible speed if he felt like to run.

Up to that time everything happened as we had expected: Burgimmune lived up to our expectations.

And them came the surprise.

About two weeks after administering Normal the first dose of Burgimmune, we noticed that the ‘dog smell’ in our home became less intense, and Norma’s fur became thicker, softer and shinier. And what was the best thing of all: we could freely stroke Norma’s back as her skin no longer twitched when we touched it.

So what happened in this case was what no other product could achieve in ten years’ time! Naturally, Norma is continuously receiving the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination ever since and, to our greatest delight, Norma’s condition continues to be excellent.’

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