The story of Alice

Thanks to the National Animal Protection Foundation, Alíz had been taking Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination because of a suspected tumour already for two months.

She had a continuous bloody-purulent nasal discharge, which was not resolved by targeted medicinal therapy supported by laboratory tests. After the complementary diagnostic imaging tests, a neoplasm developing in the bony nasal cavity remained the only possible explanation for the existing clinical signs.

Despite the expressly unpleasant clinical signs, Alíz had a very good general health status throughout, which was attributable to the administered Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination.

Several CT scans were taken, which demonstrated and precisely imaged the mass growing within the nasal cavity. From the outside, the nose and the splanchnocranium showed no sign of the mass growing on the inside. The CT images helped the veterinarians design the unique facial surgery that was performed on the animal later.

After the surgery performed two weeks ago, by now the histological results have also been received, which fortunately show that the lesion was of benign nature.

At present Alíz is free of clinical signs and sutures, with a very nicely healed surgical wound.

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