The story of Nemes

Through the mediation of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, two Greyhounds were brought from Tiszabő to the Greyhound Rescue Society: Nemes [Noble], a male dog of about 4 years of age, and Angyalka [Little Angel], an about 6-year-old female. Both Greyhounds were in extremely neglected condition, but the condition of Nemes shocked everyone.

Instead of a shiny fur he had hair only in spots and his entire body surface was covered by wounds, which caused severe pain to the dog.

During the veterinary examination skin scrapings were taken from him to determine what pathogen or pathogens caused the incredibly poor skin condition of Nemes. The laboratory results clearly showed that the main cause of the dermatological signs was demodicosis, an infestation by Demodex hair follicle mites, the generalised form of which occurs exclusively in immunocompromised dogs such as Nemes. Besides the Demodex mites, the laboratory examinations detected the presence of Staphylococcus bacteria and multiple species of fungi, which further aggravated the clinical signs caused by hair follicle mite infestation.

The comprehensive treatment of Nemes (an active substance against Demodex mites, Burgimmune immunoenhancer, antibiotic, antifungal agent) was started immediately; however, his full recovery will probably take a long time, as the therapy of demodicosis is always a long process. However, the signs of improvement are visible already after a few treatments, which must be attributable to the fact that Nemes received the Burgimmune immunoenhancer product besides his medicines.

Nemes will soon become a beautiful Greyhound boy again, and his future owner will be very proud of him.

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