Merlot is recovering and becoming more and more beautiful

On 17 May 2019, Merlot was taken into the care of Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation from a guardian or, we should rather say, from a proprietor. He was in a condition shown in the picture: After the first shock that the volunteers felt seeing the dog’s condition, he was taken to the Veterinary Medical and Surgery Centre of Southern Pest for a thorough examination. As the dog was wary of people, he could be examined thoroughly, from head to toe, only in sedated condition. It was clear already at the first glance that Merlot was pathologically thin and his skin was in horrible condition. The physical examination revealed enlargement of the lymph nodes all over the body. Although Merlot is a male dog, his nipples were distinctly enlarged, which was indicative of a hormonal problem. The ultrasonographic findings confirmed this suspicion, as a testicular tumour was detected.

A blood sample was also taken from Merlot in order to determine his blood count and the condition of his internal organs, hormonal and immune system.

In order to identify the cause of the horrible skin lesions, skin scrapings were taken, the primary microscopic examination of which revealed the presence of mange mites in extremely high numbers, which are rarely seen.

The dog’s nose was severely eroded (a major portion of the soft tissues was missing), the nose was deformed because of the deficiency of skin tissue, and the nasal passages were narrowed, which made both expiration and inspiration difficult.

Kinga Schneider, the press officer of Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation summarised Merlot’s condition at that time as follows: ‘…the news are not good. Merlot has mange, a tumour and is horribly underfed. On top of that, at present he can be treated exclusively medically, as he is not co-operative enough to be bathed and to receive wound treatment… This is our starting point today. We are fighting for him!!’

It was in this situation that Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation and Natural Pet Care System started a strategic co-operation, in the framework of which Merlot’s recovery was helped, from the first instant, by Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination administered as part of a comprehensive therapy.

Merlot’s physical and psychical healing has been progressing nicely ever since. Twenty-seven days after his first veterinary examination his condition was so much better:

‘Look how nicely his body is recovering. The crusts, the purulent and inflamed wounds are vanishing, and his hair has started to grow back. His soul is still in ruins, we have to take very small steps to get closer to his heart. We feel enormous joy when we see small signs of improvement, for example that he is no longer cowering in his house the whole day – we can say that the hot weather also helps us in this regard. we are pleased to see that he does not run away when we talk to him, or that on a few occasions he accepted his medicine from a spoon. Unfortunately we are still light years away from touching him or for obtaining his confidence, but we will not give up trying!!!

Merlot’s therapy, among others with the help of the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, is continuing steadily, and the dog’s physical and psychical progress is fascinating: he eats with good appetite, his body weight has normalised, the chronically inflamed, foul-smelling and thickened grey skin has vanished and replaced by normal skin covered by a shiny, thick and black fur, and now it is even possible to take the dog out of his kennel on a leash.

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