Zoe was rescued from her terrible circumstances in one of the towns of Eastern Hungary by the Beagle Rescue Society with the help of the local government in November 2019.

Her estimated age was about 10 years… This short sentence tells all about the circumstances from which Zoe was rescued. She was extremely underfed, her ribs and vertebrae could be counted, her fur was matted, rough and dirty. As it can be seen in the pictures, her claws were awfully long and cracked, and hindered the dog in walking.

At the first veterinary examination Zoe required immediate infusion therapy because of her terribly neglected and dehydrated state. Unfortunately the volunteers of the Beagle Rescue Society had to face further bad news: besides her obvious flea infestation and intestinal helminth infection Zoe had to combat heartworm infection as well. Her immune system clearly required powerful support to be able to combat multiple infections at the same time, and thus, besides her medicines, she immediately started to receive the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination as well.

Zoe gained weight, her fur became shiny and soft and, what is the best piece of news, on 15 August 2020 she moved to her new family. Her treatment against heartworm infection continues with her new owners, who will naturally continue giving Zoe the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, as it visible worked very well.

We wish you happy years with your new owners, Zoe!

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