Menyhért has been saved

Menyhért [Melchior] was lying in the street of a rural settlement. He was thin as a skeleton, sick and had no strength left. Many people had passed him by, but fortunately there was someone who did not turn their head away when seeing the suffering dog on this early June day, and called for help. The head of the Greyhound Rescue Society operating under the aegis of Szent Ferenc [Saint Francis] Animal Shelter Foundation rushed to rescue him, as the dog was in so poor condition that it was feared that he would not survive until the subsequent morning.

His veterinary examination and emergency treatment were started without delay. The laboratory tests demonstrated that due to the dog’s compromised immune status the Demodex hair follicle mites, these parasites of microscopic size, had proliferated in his skin. The disease caused by this ectoparasitic infection was aggravated by superinfection by moulds.

One of the main pillars of controlling infestation with hair follicle mites is support of the immune system, and thus besides the medicines administered on the basis of the laboratory test results Menyhért received the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination as well.

The pictures speak for themselves: by now Menyhért’s fur is again shiny, free of scales and is no longer ‘mottled’ by bald spots either. Menyhért became ‘rounded’ – at least to the extent that is possible for a Greyhound –, and his is a very kind, grateful and smart dog. His future owner will certainly be lucky!

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