Go, Ria, go!

Ria, a dog taken into the care of the Animal Protection Foundation, was in very severe condition in December 2020 when the struggle against her lymphoid tumour began. In addition to chemotherapy, she is receiving Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, a veterinary food supplement of curative power, developed by Natural Pet Care System. Anita Tornóczky, the head of the Foundation, reported that in the mid-phase of the chemotherapy course the dog’s blood count was practically perfect, her X-ray findings were also like those of a completely healthy dog, and the tumour was not visible by diagnostic imaging.

‘We rescued Ria in 2015 when she was three months old, and she has had an owner since 2017. We at the Animal Protection Foundation are committed to being responsible for our rescued animals until the end of their lives, and thus it was natural for us to give all the help we could also in this case.

Ria fell ill in September 2020, but the cause was not found either in Marosvásárhely or in Kolozsvár. In December the diagnosis was finally reached in Budapest: cancer of the lymphatic system.

She spent Christmas in an animal hospital as she experienced very severe side effects. I asked the oncologist what could be used for supporting Ria’s immune system, and he recommended Burgimmune. Since then Ria has been receiving chemotherapy and taking Burgimmune, and she is feeling super.’

She has not experienced post-chemotherapy inappetence or vomiting ever since. Her hair started to regrow in areas where it had been shaved for ultrasound exams, sampling, or administration of infusions, although the oncologist had said that this would not happen until the chemotherapy lasted. The dog is feeling just great…

We wish Ria a long, healthy and happy life!

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