After a super-fast recovery

Ari was taken into the care of one our strategic partners, the Civil Animal Rescue Organisation of Debrecen (Ferenc Bodolai, ‘Give Me Your Paw Foundation’) with pancreatic enlargement, enteritis and demodicosis. Ari’s recovery was also supported by Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination.

On the day of the dog’s admission, on 7 April, the administration of Burgimmune was started as a complement to medicinal therapy, in order to ensure the dog’s fast and full recovery. The head of the Foundation reported the following:

10 April: Vomiting and diarrhoea ceased.

14 April: The dog’s appetite started to improve.

19 April: Follow-up examination showed that the enlargement of the pancreas had decreased to half.

30 April: Repeated follow-up examination showed only a minimal enlargement of the pancreas, and the skin and hair coat had also improved a lot.


📣 Attention! The size enhancer of the powder formula of Burgimmune has been swapped to pumpkin seed flour to assure an even more effective combination. For this reason the consistency of the product is slightly different now (dissolves in water the same way and can be given just like before).
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