Cimbora [‘Buddy’] had already been given up as hopeless, but thanks to Burgimmune he could survive a successful tumour-removing surgery…

Cimbora was rescued by our strategic partner, the Puli Animal Protection Association with an enormous malignant tumour on his chest.

The veterinarians recommended euthanasia, but Cimbora became so much stronger while he was administered the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination that eventually the tumour-removing surgery could be successfully performed. The CT examination also showed favourable results (there were no bone metastases), and thus only the neutering operation remained to be done.

We wish Cimbora good health and a happy life!

Owing to its special composition, Burgimmune as a veterinary food supplement of curative power is expressly recommended for use in the adjuvant therapy of TUMOUR diseases. Burgimmune supports the nonspecific, humoral and cellular immune response, increases the efficacy of antitumour therapies and minimises their unpleasant side effects.

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