Farki’s rapid recovery

Farki (‘Little Tail’) received his name after his short tail chump; his tail must have been bitten off by a dog or some other predator, or perhaps he was injured in a trap.

Together with several other kittens, he was found at the edge of a plough-land: those who put them there, simply left the kittens to their fate. The kittens were rescued by the volunteers of Cat World Foundation from there. They were taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible, where they were examined and then given a full ectoparasiticide and endoparasiticide treatment.

Cat flu is a highly contagious disease of cats, caused by various viruses. It can even be fatal, especially in the case of immunocompromised and/or very young or very old animals. Most frequently it starts with sneezing, which can be followed by fever, inappetence, depression, and oral ulcers. The associated secondary bacterial infections can cause conjunctivitis and severe nasal discharge. In kittens, the disease may prevent the opening of the eyes, and the complications can even lead to the loss of vision or the eye.

Farki also developed the clinical signs of cat flu. Antibiotic treatment was initiated immediately, and the cat also started to receive the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, which resulted in a spectacularly fast recovery: Farki’s health was restored to normal within a few days.

He has received his vaccines, he is a beautiful, playful cat who has finally found a real home with his loving owners!

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