Sweater is making progress

The call for help came from the ‘Paw in Hand’ Dog Rescue Foundation in Kiskunhalas that an almost entirely bald puppy was thrown into the yard of an old lady. The puppy needed immediate help, and the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation said yes – as it almost always does.

At the time when he was found, little Sweater [Szvetter] – as this was the name given to the puppy – could be about half a year old. The hairs had fallen out from almost the entire body of the dog, his body was hot and his skin inflamed. He was extremely thin and barely had any muscle. All his tiny body indicated that he must have lived under very bad conditions since his birth.

During the veterinary examinations comprehensive ectoparasite and endoparasite control was performed, and blood as well as skin scrapings were taken from the dog to determine why he got into such an exasperating state.

Sweater is bathed with two different types of medicinal shampoo every day. In addition, he receives medicines as well as hair coat and skin nourishing products, in addition to the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination to support his immune system as much as possible, as this tiny dog needs all the help he can get. The cause of his complete hair loss was probably Demodex hair follicle mite infestation. In such cases it is of outstanding importance to strengthen the functioning of the immune system, firstly in order to control the parasite infestation and secondly in order to prevent a possible fungal and/or bacterial superinfection.

Sweater’s skin has healed completely, it is no longer inflamed or scaly; however, his hairs did not regrow despite the careful treatment, and therefore now skin biopsy will also be performed.

Sweater is an amazing puppy, a sweet, kind and frolicsome ‘love bomb’, but his full recovery will surely take a long time.

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