Dragon on his way to recovery

The almost entirely hairless male dog, which then did not even have a name, was rescued from the street in Törökszentmiklós by the Befogad-Lak [‘I Make a Home for You’] Animal Welfare Foundation, from where he was taken into the care of Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation. In vain did his founders look for a microchip in the dog, although he must certainly have had an owner, even if not a loving master.

At that time Dragon, as this is what his rescuers named him, could have been around 4 years old. Immediately after his arrival he was taken to the Veterinary and Surgery Centre of Southern Pest. He was in very poor condition, his thin little body was covered by ticks and fleas instead of fur, there were crusts and wounds all over his skin, and his ears were inflamed. His examination and treatment was started immediately. First of all he received the necessary products against ectoparasites and endoparasites (as flea infestation may occur together with intestinal helminthosis), the vast number of ticks were removed from his skin, and his ears were also treated. Unfortunately, on top of all this, his heartworm test result was also positive.

According to the results obtained so far, severe flea infestation caused flea allergy dermatitis, besides which generalised demodicosis (i.e. infestation with Demodex hair follicle mites) also developed. The generalised form of this disease occurs exclusively in immunocompromised dogs, and therefore Dragon also needed a product to strengthen his immune system, in addition to the other active substances (e.g. antibiotics). For this reason, the administration of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination was started immediately, and the dog’s severe itching and pain was alleviated by bathing him with medicinal shampoo several times a week. Luckily, thanks to the treatment administered, his hair regrew completely in a few week’s time, and the change is really spectacular, as the pictures also show! His health status improved so much that even his vaccination program could be started. So that is the state we are at: naturally Dragon’s treatment continues, and we hope that after the many bad things no further problems will come to light!

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