Bibó Papa was taken into the care of the Beagle Breed Rescue Organisation in later summer 2018. His earlier owner had given him up, as the dog had often run away from home, and thus he was taken to the local animal shelter. Bibó is already ‘retired’, he is more than 10 years old.

The veterinary examinations, laboratory tests and rapid tests commissioned by the Breed Rescue Organisation demonstrated that Bibó was suffering from heartworm disease: his blood was full of microfilariae.

Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes; the worms developing in the body of dogs and reaching a size of several times 10 centimetres migrate into the blood vessels of the lungs and the heart, causing severe respiratory and circulatory disturbances which may be fatal. Previously this disease had occurred only in the southern areas of Europe; however, nowadays dogs that have never left the territory of Hungary are also being diagnosed with heartworm disease. In the mosquito season, our dogs need continuous protection against this potentially fatal disease!

Because of his demonstrated heartworm disease, was treated with the appropriate endectocides and antibiotics; as the therapy lasted for several months, he was also given a product protecting his gastric mucosa. The prolonged medication took a toll on Bibó’s body, he developed diarrhoea which was later resolved; however, despite receiving vitamins, a good-quality food and products supporting his immune system, the dog could not regain his ideal weight, his hair coat was rough, dull and shabby, his muscles were atrophied and his small body was expressly emaciated. He showed no sign of liveliness which is so typical of the Beagle breed. However, his caretakers did not give up!

It was in that condition that he started to receive the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination. It took about one month until the volunteers noticed the first results of the treatment course.

Bibó’s appetite improved a lot, he grew out of his harness, his forehead became rounded, there was not even a trace of the atrophied muscles, his hair coat became shiny and soft, and the little old dog looked like a different dog, he grew young again, defying his age he became lively and interested in his environment, and now he can take even long walks!

Thanks to his careful nursing, Bibó has successfully recovered from heartworm disease and his tests are already negative. He is waiting for a loving family!

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