Cat Rescue

The volunteers of the Cat World Foundation were notified of finding very sick kittens in an abandoned house in Balassagyarmat.

Although the kittens were found in horrible health status, they were still lucky as they were at least found and thus could get a chance for life and recovery. Their siblings were not as fortunate, as some predator (e.g. beech-marten or fox) or dog may have visited the abandoned house and killed several of the kittens…

In addition to fleas and intestinal worms, the tiny bodies of the kittens had been tormented by cat flu and its complications, and their utter neglect resulted in severe pneumonia and chronic conjunctivitis.

The tiny kittens, which were just a few weeks old, received immediate medical care: they were subjected to several cycles of deworming and flea control, and naturally received the medicines that their condition required (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, eye drops, etc.). Due their expressly deteriorated immune status the kittens received a double dose of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, which definitely supported their survival and recovery.

Thanks to the careful nursing and medication, within a few weeks the kittens grew into charming, affectionate, cheerful and lively kittens, and although one of them will permanently bear the marks of the cruel first few weeks of its life (because of the neglected conjunctivitis its eyesight became impaired), this does not prevent it from playing and doing pranks.

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