The story of Böbe

Böbe could have been about 8 weeks old when she was taken into the care of the Stray Hearts Animal Rescue Foundation of Karcag. She was horribly emaciated and was suffering from a brutal skin disease.

The laboratory tests confirmed what could be suspected already from the clinical signs: Böbe had severe, extensive (= generalised) demodicosis (= hair follicle mite infestation), the treatment of which was hindered by a fungal superinfection.

Demodex hair follicle mites are tiny, microscopic, cigar-shaped parasites found primarily in the hair follicles and do not cause clinical signs under normal conditions. However, in any immunosuppressed state (chronic diseases, debilitated physical condition, etc.) they can proliferate in high numbers and cause diverse skin signs frequently aggravated by secondary fungal or bacterial skin infections.

This tiny doggie was suffering from the most severe manifestation of demodicosis. In the generalised form of the disease the mites proliferate in such high numbers that they damage also the hair follicles, while the secondary infections may extend to the deeper layers of the skin.

Treatment lasts several months in all cases, and full recovery may take as long as 6–9 months.

As demodicosis manifests itself in immunosuppressed animals, at the shelter Böbe immediately started to receive Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination as an adjuvant to other veterinary medicines supported by the laboratory test results.

Probably owing to the immunoenhancer product, Böbe’s recovery was faster than had been expected. As it can be seen in the picture, her hair coat and skin fully returned to normal in three months’ time, and today Böbe is already living the happy life of dogs that have an owner!

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