The hair on Zuzmóka’s back can now be plaited

Thanks to the use of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, the charming elderly protégé of our strategic partner, the ‘Animal and Man’ Animal Protection Association got rid of her regularly recurring diarrhoea, and the dog has acquired a new fur as well.

The Association has many elderly and sick dogs, one of which is Zuzmóka, who underwent spine surgery in last November.

The director of the Association told us that SINCE LAST AUTUMN, i.e. between 11 November and 11 May NO HAIR GROWTH was visible, although many different products were tried, all in vain.

AFTER THE DOG HAD STARTED TO RECEIVE BURGIMMUNE, WITHIN 20 DAYS hair islets of 3–4 cm size GREW OUT, and ‘there is about 5 mm long fluffy hair everywhere, with the exception of the incision line. It sounds incredible, but the dog’s hair is visibly growing from morning to evening’.

By August, Zuzmó had grown a long curly hair on the back.

The dog’s regularly recurring DIARRHOEA has also ceased. After the administration of Burgimmune was stopped, the dog’s diarrhoea of unknown origin has recurred (the laboratory examination of the faeces was negative for all potential pathogens). Subsequently the veterinary food supplement of curative power was again given to the dog, as a result of which Zuzmó is now in perfect condition.

We wish Zuzmó a long and happy life in perfect health!


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