Kiara’s wounds have healed and she is ready for finding her dream owner!

The Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination has helped the recovery of Kiara, a dog under the care of Tattooed Animal Rescuers Animal Welfare Association, one of the strategic partners of Natural Pet Care System.

In connection with Kiara, it was reported to the Association that at a house two bull terrier type dogs were regularly attacking each other, and their owner did nothing to prevent this.

The team of the Association hurried to the address and saw that the dogs were fighting terribly already when they arrived, and they had to be separated by the volunteers of the Association instead of the dogs’ owner. The two dogs inflicted terrible injuries upon each other, to such an extent that most of the photographs taken at that time were classified as ‘sensitive content’ by the media. The owner gave up Kiara’s ownership rights, thus Kiara was taken into the care of the animal welfare activists, who regularly checked the care of the other dog as well. Poor doggie had multiple lacerated wounds all over her body, which had to be corrected surgically.

The Burgimmune veterinary food supplement of curative power supports full and fast recovery after surgical interventions and also in the case of wounds, skin problems, diseases and events weakening the immune system. Kiara was also continuously receiving Burgimmune, as a lot of favourable experiences had accumulated in connection with the product.

Following her recovery, Kiara was taken to a rehabilitation centre. Thanks to the beneficent activity of the animal welfare activists, the immunoenhancer product and the gifts, Kiara is now healthy and ready for getting to know her new home.

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