The story of Teddy Bear

One day in October 2019, as it does so many times every day, the telephone of the Animal Shelter of Pomáz started to ring. At the other hand of the line a desperate voice said that a few weeks old puppy had been found in the nearby meadow in terrible condition. The volunteers of the shelter rushed to the site, from the verbal account they were prepared to see some very bad things, but the sight unfolding before their eyes make them shudder, although they had indeed seen a lot before. The tiny puppy was in tragic condition.

The puppy’s head was flyblown in multiple places, the already hatched maggots had started to devour him alive, one of his eyes was fully covered by maggots but unfortunately there were many fly larvae in his other eye as well. The maggots have crawled into his ears and the skin on his head was also covered with wounds.

He was taken to the shelter immediately, his horrible wounds were cleaned and then the puppy received emergency veterinary care (would treatment, disinfection, pain relief, antibiotics), which he tolerated heroically and without growling despite his severe pain. The veterinarians had to wait some time to learn whether the dog’s severely injured eye and the skin on his head could be saved. Unfortunately, despite the careful and professional treatment the medicines and ointments did not result in healing. The dog’s left eye was so injured and a large part of the skin on the crown of the head was so necrotic that they could not be saved, and thus surgery was unavoidable. It became apparent during the dog’s preparation for surgery that the skin necrosis involved a very large area of the head, which posed a challenge to the veterinary team; namely, in addition to wound closure that had to pay attention to leaving enough skin that would allow the normal functioning (closing and opening) of the dog’s right eye.

After the surgery he was recovering nicely, and at the shelter he received, on top of his medicines, the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination. Thanks to his kind nature, he bore with patience the postoperative interventions needed for facilitating wound healing.

His wounds healed nicely and his spirits also became better. He even started to play and frolic as a real puppy should do. He became the favourite pet of not only the volunteers of the shelter but also of the veterinary team members: everyone gave him a nickname, and so he became Teddy Bear, Choc or Csákcsók. No he is living a happy life with his new owner. Fortunately he did not have to go far, as the president of the shelter adopted him.

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