The new life of Tekla and Garfield

Garfield and Tekla were living in a street colony together with their mother cat. In December 2020 the enthusiastic volunteers of Hariel Animal and Nature Protection Foundation of Debrecen found the family after a report by telephone.

At the time when they were taken into the loving care of the Foundation, both kittens had cat flu and were in very severe condition. In the framework of a strategic co-operation, Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, a veterinary food supplement of curative power developed by Natural Pet Care System also helped them to recover and move to their new owner as healthy, active, cheerful and playful kittens.

On the day when the kittens were found, Tekla’s tiny body was almost completely cold, she did not eat and drink, but the devoted volunteers of the Hariel Foundation took her to the veterinarian just in time, where she was rapidly warmed up! They kept taking her to the veterinarian and nursed her every day for two weeks. She continuously kept receiving the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination twice a day, from a syringe, and thus she became stronger and stronger.

The other kitten, Garfield also contracted cat flu, he was very weak, was coughing, and his eyelids were stuck together by the inflammatory exudate. Medical treatment, careful nursing and the medicines administered helped him improve but he kept relapsing. Then he also started to receive the Burgimmune veterinary food supplement of curative power, as a result of which his condition rapidly started to improve.

By now the tiny survivors have fully recovered and are in stable condition. After having been neutered, they found a loving adoptive family. We wish them much success in their new life!

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