Zorro has regained his health and is waiting for his Dream Owner

The Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination has also contributed to the recovery of Zorro, a doggie rescued by the Tattooed Animal Rescue and Animal Welfare Association, one of the strategic partners of Natural Pet Care System.

Zorro was looking for food among the rubbish in a ditch in severely dehydrated condition, with injured skin covered with wounds and with a broken toe. The team of the Association immediately took him to hospital and arranged for its rehabilitation. Since his admission, Zorro has been receiving Burgimmune, which helped him quickly regain his normal body weight and vitality, and his skin and fur also became beautiful.

Zorro is looking for a dream owner. He is a very nice dog, hungry for love and easily motivated.

We wish Zorro a happy and healthy life with his future owner!

📣 Attention! The size enhancer of the powder formula of Burgimmune has been swapped to pumpkin seed flour to assure an even more effective combination. For this reason the consistency of the product is slightly different now (dissolves in water the same way and can be given just like before).
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