When she was taken into the care of the Beagle Rescue Society a few days before Christmas 2020, Molly was ill. The careful nursing received from the rescue team and the medicinal treatment complemented with the administration of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, a veterinary food supplement of curative power developed by Natural Pet Care System have all contributed to her recovery, so now she can run around in her new home in healthy condition.

Molly’s tribulations started with an everyday walking episode, during which – as was her habit – she was playing with pieces of wood that she found on the ground. After returning home, she suddenly became unwell, she was listless and depressed, did not eat, and therefore her owners rushed her to the nearby animal hospital. By the time they got there Molly already ran a fever, and the examination detected a large amount of wood pieces and plant parts in her intestines. By the subsequent day her condition worsened. Despite the infusion therapy that she received, on the third day her temperature was already 40.3 °C.

Her owners could not afford the financial burden of Molly’s therapy and resigned her to the local animal welfare organisation. It was at that time that the Beagle Rescue Society was called to help. Little Molly was immediately taken, by guarded transport, to the Beagle Rescue Society where her therapy was continued and her condition improved further. From the time of her arrival there, her compromised immune system was supported by the administration of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination. After her recovery, she underwent several check-up examination and was neutered as well.

To our greatest delight, today Molly is already living the happy life of owned Beagle dogs…

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