Emma and Escobar

Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, a veterinary product of curative effect developed by Natural Pet Care System also helped Emma and her three tiny kittens to survive the damage caused to them by their tribulations. Emma and her three tiny kittens were put out in the street in two vegetable crates stuck together, on one of the hottest days of summer. The temperature was 40°C when the volunteers of the Animal Shelter of Pomáz found them.

They were taken to the ‘Second Refuge’ constructed for cats, where the enthusiastic ‘cat division’ swung into action without delay. As Emma was overburdened by nursing her young and she grew alarmingly thin, she barely had the strength to groom herself, and thus her fur also became very untidy. In addition to treatment against ectoparasites and endoparasites and the finally sufficient amount of food, she also needed immune system support, therefore she started to receive Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination in a double dose.

Thanks to the loving care and the treatment course, Emma’s fur became incredibly thick and shiny, and she quickly put on the decagrams still missing from her ideal weight. Of her three kittens, Escobar was the thinnest and tiniest, and he had the dullest fur. His right eye was in terrible condition.

The immediate veterinary examination revealed that Escobar’s right eye could not be saved; however, Escobar was so weak at that time that he would not have survived the surgery. Therefore, up to the time of the surgical intervention he also received an elevated dose of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, in addition to the eye drops.

Thanks to the loving care and the treatment course he quickly gathered strength, and thus eye surgery could be performed. Despite all his past tribulations, Escobar became a lively, playful young kitten.

Today they are all living in a family, and we wish them many happy years together with their owner!

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