Bozont has overcome parvovirus infection

and his recovery was supported by Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination…

On 25 June, Bozont (‘Bush’) was taken into the care of one our strategic partners, the Civil Animal Rescue Organisation of Debrecen (Ferenc Bodolai, ‘Give Me Your Paw Foundation’) from an environment characterised by poor keeping conditions, emaciated and debilitated state, infested by worms.

During the observation on 28 June the dog showed the signs of parvovirosis and was hospitalised on the same day, where the disease was diagnosed.

Owing to its unique composition, Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination is expressly indicated for the prevention and/or adjuvant therapy of bacterial and/or viral infections.

In the first few days the dog received the powder dissolved in water, from a syringe, to ensure that the entire dose of the veterinary product of medicinal effect gets into his body.

On 3 July Bozont could eat a wet canned dog food on his own.

On 5 July he had two meals and the consistency of the faeces had also normalised.

On 6 July Bozont was discharged from the hospital.

On 12 July the dog was declared to have recovered.

📣 Attention! The size enhancer of the powder formula of Burgimmune has been swapped to pumpkin seed flour to assure an even more effective combination. For this reason the consistency of the product is slightly different now (dissolves in water the same way and can be given just like before).
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