Gia becomes beautiful

In the summer, volunteers of the Animal Welfare and Care Association of Pomáz found three female dogs at the side of a busy road. All three were in horribly neglected state: no one could tell where and from what circumstances they had come from and for how long they had been straying and starving.

‘Naturally’, none of the three dogs had a microchip serving for identification, all three were emaciated to skin and bones, and infested by ecto- and endoparasites and a vast number of fleas.

One of the dogs was given the name Gia by the volunteers.

Gia is – or rather must have been once – a magnificent German Shepherd.

At the time when she was found, Gia’s right ear was in terrible condition, it was almost torn off as a result of some trauma (accident or fight), it was bleeding, and in the hot summer the wound had already been blown by flies and was swarming with maggots.

Gia’s ear unfortunately needed surgery, and simultaneously the dog was neutered. From what could be seen during the surgery it was likely that she could have lived at a ‘reproductive farm’ earlier.

Gia’s condition clearly made it necessary for her to receive the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, as her visibly exploited body was burdened further by straying, and she needed all possible help to regain her health and become her old self again.Besides her physical recovery the dog’s soul also needed rehabilitation: thanks to the loving care received from the personnel of the shelter, now Gia can again trust people.

The ‘before and after’ pictures speak for themselves! Thanks to the careful physical and psychical nursing Gia has ‘blossomed out’ in all senses of the word and is now beautiful again!

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