Dakota, Dundi and Dió

Unfortunately, the spring and early summer are difficult periods for cat shelters not only because animals have poorer immune status because of the long, dark and cold winter months and thus fall ill more frequently, but also because the first spring kittening season. Namely, this is the time when undesired litters end up in the animal shelters, in a better case together with the queen, while in a worse case only as orphaned day-old kittens without their mother.

When the kittens are taken to the shelter together with their mother, then the caretakers have a relatively easier task, as the vast majority of cats are very caring mothers. In such cases the human caretakers ‘only’ have to bring the mother into, and keep her in, a condition in which she can nurse her kittens over a period of several weeks. However, if the kittens are orphaned, then either a foster mother has to be found or the kittens have to be fed manually from a feeding-bottle with a milk substitute by their human caretakers.

While Dakota, the mother cat was raising her kittens, her human caretakers did their utmost to ensure that the thin queen of poor body condition can successfully overcome this obstacle, and therefore they started to give her Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, among other things.

The immunoenhancer powder was thoroughly mixed with the cats’ food, which was thus willingly eaten by the cats notorious for being picky eaters. And the result speaks for itself: the hair coat of the cats became thicker and shinier, and the kittens successfully survived the critical first few weeks of their life.

The picture shows Dakota (the mother cat) with Dió and Dina (the kittens).

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