Frici is recovering nicely

Frici, a cat rescued by the Cat World Foundation, one of the strategic partners of Natural Pet Care System is receiving the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination to support his recovery.

According to the director of the Foundation, Frici used to be a 8-year-old, real ‘street fighter’ tomcat in the country, who had many injuries when he was taken into the care of the Foundation. Unfortunately the many changes, the neutering, the vaccinations and the stress caused by the new environment overburdened the cat, and he developed a fungal infection despite the fact that his environment was free of such infections.

Burgimmune had already proved effective at the Cat World Foundation before, and thus the volunteers of the Foundation found it necessary to support Frici with this immunoenhancer product besides the medical therapy and the loving care. Experience shows that the product has antitumour effect and facilitates a fast and full recovery after surgical interventions, as well as in cases of inflammations, bacterial and viral (e.g. parvovirus) infections, parasitic diseases (e.g. demodicosis, fungal infections), allergies, wounds, inappetence, nausea and conditions weakening the immune system (pregnancy, parturition, lactation, young-age vaccination, old age, and heavy mental or physical exertion (e.g. sports events, work, stress).

The medical treatments are still under way and Frici is recovering very nicely. Soon there will be not even a trace of his earlier skin problems.

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