Grace’s recovery

Grace is healthy and happy when she gets to her new, loving family!

In late March, a young man was standing at the door of Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue, who had found ‘left behind’ on his terrace an abandoned dog in poor condition, and brought her to the shelter. That dog was Grace, whose recovery was supported by Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, a veterinary product of curative effect, developed by Natural Pet Care System.

On arrival at the shelter the dog was emaciated and her immune system was debilitated, she was suffering from localised demodicosis (hair follicle mite infestation), around her eyes, in the vulvar region, on her nose and lips she had untreated inflammatory lesions that could be characterised as pyoderma.

The personnel of the shelter and the volunteers of Hariel Foundation co-operating with them made it sure that Grace received veterinary care immediately. As such problems occur when the natural defence of the body is weakened, the director of Hariel, Szilvia Szabó found it important to administer Burgimmune to facilitate full recovery as soon as possible, as she had obtained very favourable experience with this product in several animals under her care earlier.

Grace’s condition started to improve rapidly, thanks to the necessary treatments with medicines and ointments, to the loving care and the successful strengthening of her immune system. The dog underwent an enormous change in less than one month. Weakness and dermatitis disappeared and the dog gained weight. The previous skin problems cannot be recognised even in traces, and Grace is living a happy life with her new family.

We wish you a very happy life, Grace!

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