Morris has been rescued

Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, a veterinary food supplement of curative power developed by Natural Pet Care System has also helped Morris, a cat run over by a car, to get well after his accident, the surgeries and the struggle for his life, and eventually to find an owner.

In early March, Morris was found run over in the middle of a road. He was taken into the care of the Hariel Foundation, who quickly sought veterinary attention for him.

In the first one or two days it was questionable whether the cat would survive at all. His jaw required surgery, initially he could eat and drink only from a syringe, but it soon turned out that Morris was an affectionate, purring little cat with a positive attitude to life.
Morris had to be rushed to the veterinarian several times as he could not urinate and his urine contained sediment. This was successfully resolved, but because of a bleeding in his eye he required eye surgery as well, which was also successful.
Thanks to the co-operation initiated by the Foundation, owing to the helpful veterinarians, a caring temporary adopter, the generous gifts, the perseverance of volunteers of the Foundation and the beneficial effects of Burgimmune the cat has recovered and found a new, loving family.
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