Shoo diseases!

The recovery of Lajos cica [Lewis the Cat] from cat flu and enteritis thanks to the power of Burgimmune…Lewis the Cat was taken into the care of the Civil Animal Rescue Organisation of Debrecen (Ferenc Bodolai, ‘Give Me Your Paw Foundation’), one of our strategic partners. He was taken to an animal hospital immediately. His circulation was barely functioning and he was completely dehydrated. It turned out that he was affected with cat flu and enteritis as well. His medical therapy was started immediately and, as adjuvant therapy, he was given dissolved Burgimmune with a syringe, so as to ensure that the veterinary food supplement of curative power gets into his body.

On 7 August he already displayed more interest in his surroundings.

On 10 August he ate on his own and his defecation and urination also started to normalise.

On 13 August he was discharged from the hospital and from that time on he received only Burgimmune.

On 15 August he ate and drank on his own, his defecation and urination were completely normal.

On 18 August we moved to a new owner in completely recovered condition!

We wish him a happy life with his owner!

Cat flu is a highly contagious disease of cats, caused by different viruses. It can even be fatal, especially in immunocompromised as well as in very young or very old animals. Thanks to its unique combination, Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination is expressly recommended for use in the prevention and/or adjuvant therapy of bacterial and/or viral infections and inflammatory diseases…

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