Matilda, Thabata, Amelda and Lulu achieved full recovery thanks to Burgimmune

The protégés of our strategic partners, Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue and the Hariel Foundation, had lived their lives in a pigsty.

They were rescued from that situation, thanks to the volunteers of the animal rescue foundations. Because of their immunocompromised state, the dogs were suffering from Demodex hair follicle mite infestation and untreated inflammatory skin lesions.

Based on the Foundation’s favourable experience gained with the product previously, it was clear that the recovery of these tiny animals would be supported by the administration of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination. Like other small animals rescued earlier, they regained their good physical condition incredibly fast, and the skin disease vanished within a few weeks’ time.

Now they are already enjoying their exuberant health with their new owners. We wish them happy years in the company of their owners!

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