A fantastic change for Nusi

The vice president of one of our strategic partners, the Puli Animal Welfare Association shared with us their experience gained with the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination:

‘We started to give the product to our elderly, sick and tumour-bearing dogs, and the results exceeded all expectations. They are in excellent spirits, they are more energetic, they gained weight and their hair coat became shiny…’.

The first dog we would like to present is Nusi, a 10-year-old female dog, who was rescued by the Association’s team from the end of a chain. As her ‘guardian’ failed to feed her regularly for years, she had to feed on hunted beetles and lizards. The volunteers of the Association are nursing her with love and perseverance, but initially she was very thin and weak and was continuously suffering from diarrhoea, which did not improve even after antibiotic therapy.

AFTER A 4-WEEK BURGIMMUNE treatment course Nusi completely changed. The once skeleton-thin doggie became nicely rounded, her fur became magnificent and shiny, her blood count improved a lot, and her diarrhoea also ceased. ‘A fantastic change, thank you very much for your help!’

We wish Nusi a beautiful and happy life in good health!

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