From animal experiments to summer holidays at the seaside

Pityke spent his summer holidays with his new family in top form: Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination also had an important role in the dog’s recovery.

On the day when Pityke was rescued, 28 other ‘experimental’ beagles also got a chance for a new life, thanks to the Beagle Breed Rescue team.

At that time they arrived without names, marked only with numbers. Pityke also arrived with weak muscles and in poor physical and psychic condition because of his earlier low-stimulus environment and little opportunity for physical exercise. Simultaneously with his rehabilitation, the administration of Burgimmune was also started, as the product had already proved its beneficial effects in ensuring a faster and more effective regeneration several times also at the Beagle Breed Rescue Organisation. After four months, Pityke could start his new life with his loving family as a healthy, balanced and happy dog.

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