Greta is now a super strong kitten

‘I found myself in a tightly knotted nylon bag…, but TODAY I AM ALREADY A SUPER STRONG, very playful kitten…’.

One of the protégés of ‘A Voice for the Voiceless’ Animal Rescue Foundation, Greta Garbo had cat flu. She also belongs to the cats who have recovered with the help of Burgimmune. Greta Garbo was put in a nylon bag by an old man, who asked the veterinarian to euthanise the injured and sick cat who could barely open her eyes because of the flu. The lady veterinarian did not allow this, and she cured the small cat instead. Besides medicinal therapy, the cat received the Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination, as this product had been observed to support a faster recovery in several animals under the Foundation’s care.

Greta recovered and fully recuperated in about 2–3 weeks.

📣 Attention! The size enhancer of the powder formula of Burgimmune has been swapped to pumpkin seed flour to assure an even more effective combination. For this reason the consistency of the product is slightly different now (dissolves in water the same way and can be given just like before).
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