Flora is much more active, she plays a lot!

Flóra is a doggie that has been adopted through the team of Greyhound Rescue, one of our strategic partners.

Six months ago Flóra was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Both the leader of Greyhound Rescue and the veterinarian recommended the use of Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer Combination as a complement to medicinal therapy, to reduce the potential side effects, to facilitate recovery and to maintain vitality. Flóra’s hair coat looked very shabby and worn because of her disease, especially on her thigh, tail and chest.

Since starting to receive Burgimmune, Flóra has been better, she is much more active and is playing and running around a lot with her other Greyhound pal. In addition, by now her hair coat has also returned to an almost completely normal state.

‘I am convinced that I collect much fewer hairs from the couch during the spring moulting than I did last year :)’, wrote the owner.

We wish Flora a long and beautiful life spent in good health!

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