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1 box of Burgimmune powder + Natural Pet Care System Multivitamin For cats


1 box of Burgimmune powder


Natural Pet Care System Multivitamin For cats


Includes of the package:

1 box of Burgimmune powder

About the product:

One box of Burgimmune Immunoenhancer powder is sufficient for 90 days for a healthy animal of maximum 15 kg body weight. Burgimmune is a veterinary food supplement of curative power for dogs and cats. It contains natural ingredients only.

The product provides strong support for the immune system, increases vitality, has antitumour and anti-inflammatory effects, supports the health of the skin and hair, improves the appetite and has antiemetic effect, promotes regeneration and has disease-preventing effects.

The product contains a specially formulated combination of phytogenic substances, medicinal mushroom, beta-glucan and vitamins, which effectively contribute to the preservation of health and the control of diseases through their multiple effects exerted on the functioning of the immune system.

Natural Pet Care System Multivitamin For cats

About the product:

The Natural Pet Care System Multivitamin for Cats contains a combination of specially formulated active ingredients that effectively contribute to the well-being, proper digestion, resistance and vitality of your pet through their multiple effects on the overall functioning of the body.


Maintains everyday health, supports and maintains a healthy gut flora and increases stress tolerance, ensuring a calm, balanced and healthy life.


Improves general well-being, a strong body having a better chance of fighting pathogens.

For show animals, it ensures the ability to tolerate increased stress and adequate recovery.

Supports the detoxifying action of the liver, helping the body to get rid of toxic substances faster.

Enhances vitality in older animals.


The product contains trace elements and minerals, and can be used continuously as a preventive measure or to supplement medication.


It can be used as complementary treatment:

In case of digestive and metabolic disorders, weakness and malaise, to improve resistance, to replenish trace elements, to strengthen stamina and to speed up recovery.


In addition to antibiotic treatment, it is highly recommended for the restoration of a healthy intestinal flora.

WARNING: it should be administered three hours before the antibiotic, not at the same time!

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